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Molo Lipno Apartment

Want to give accommodation as a gift?

You are just a step away from bringing joy to your loved ones.

Dream Apartments have emerged from my visions and dreams of unique living for absolute relaxation in the mountains. These are places I visited as a child and later returned to as an adult. At the same time, the story of these apartments brought life back to years-decaying buildings. I designed the interior in harmony with the location, but it always involves handcrafted wood from old trees, complemented by modern elements of architecture and design. You can see this in the series "Stavba není sen" on TV Bydlení, which meticulously mapped the journey of each apartment.

Enjoy a wonderful time here with your loved ones. That's exactly what Dream Apartments were created for.

Míra Hejda

Owner and Design Creator of Dream Apartments

CEO of TV Bydlení and TV Architect